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Our goal is to reverse the cycle from the unnatural to natural, from new to the recycled & as much as we can to compostable. We wish to build long-term value by promoting socially responsible products, services and practices. Being environmentally conscious allows us to create and deliver value to customers in such a way that both natural resources and human resources are preserved or enhanced throughout.            

Officially Certified Vegan 

Being a Clean & Natural brand means you know exactly what you’re putting on your scalp and hair. We believe healthy hair is the most beautiful hair. We are certified Vegan and use Natural ingredients for one simple reason- because what you put on your hair soaks in through the scalp to your body.

We embody a philosophy of Natural health, our products have Powerful Plant based ingredients that are silicone, sulphate & paraben free there’s No GMO’s, No Artificial Colours or PEGs. More importantly we are cruelty free/not tested on animals, our clean products are made from naturally derived plant ingredients and formulas are 98% Natural therefore no build up from silicone coatings and smoothers, our products will leave your hair hydrated and nourished.

Our packaging is fully ECO recyclable and we use compostable & recyclable packing materials.

                                                              ♥ Nourish & strengthen    ♥ Cleanse & refresh    ♥ Clarify & Detox scalp    ♥ Hydrate

Animal Friendly

Being Vegan there are no animal derivatives in our hair care. Our products are all cruelty free and are tested on ourselves. 

Good to know Hair tips

After Swimming
Shampoo with K.O After Swim shampoo, squeeze water out of hair & condition with K.O Conditioner, comb through & leave on longer for a deep conditioning.

Dry Hair & scalp
Massage the scalp to increase blood supply & to stimulate the oil (sebaceous) glands of the hair follicles. Use K.O shampoo then comb through K.O conditioner & leave in for 3 minutes. Prior to drying hair, use leave in Conditioning Detangle to protect hair from heat styling tools.

Every day shampooing
Use our freshest fragrant lemon lime & lemongrass Shampoo, gentle enough for everyday use followed by K.O Conditioner. If you hair is on the oily side (at the scalp) use Conditioner at the ends only to keep the PH balanced.

The key is Conditioner evens out moisture content in the hair, use on only the mid lengths & ends. Using conditioner on the scalp is unnecessary unless you’ve just had a chemical treatment (colour/straightening etc) or if your scalp is super dry.

Lifeless hair
If there’s no body or bounce in your hair try this; prior to shampooing brush hair thoroughly with a quality bristle hair brush. Shampoo & don’t use conditioner, if you cant go without then comb Conditioning Leave in Detangle through the ends, see how much body your hair will have!

Conditioning Ingredient Pracaxi oil – pentaclethra macroloba seed oil

Pracaxi oil is an ingredient of hair care products found in some shampoos & conditioners, mainly in luxurious brands. Its beneficial action is the greatest concentration of acids found in a vegetable oil so far.

Pracaxi tree oil is a precious raw material extracted and cold-pressed to keep features of the oil untouched. These features make it ideal for Hair care, it strengthens hair bulbs, nourished properly hair bulbs root hair better & this counteracts excessive hair loss. Pracaxi oil acts against split ends as it smooths strands & improves combing. The oil brightens strands by adding a natural shine.

Pracaxi oil is a universal healing substance that solves dermatological problems. It eases signs of inflammation, is antibacterial & supports self-renewal processes of skin cells. Pracaxi oil is perfect for treating acne and eliminating skin discolourations.

Silicones in hair care – what you need to know

By The Hairfuel Chemicals, Science of hair growth

Silicones have been used in personal care products since the 1950s. Initially limited to skin care products, its use spread into hair care products and applications. Silicones have widely recognised lubricating properties and characteristically soft smooth feel.

Are they safe to use? Silicones on your product shelf are safe yet not all silicones are created equal. Long-term effects such as build up & hair brittleness have become common, in response to issues the industry introduced ‘water soluble silicones’ to address negative effects. Manufacturers add silicones to shampoos, conditioners & styling products to create the slip needed for combing & to give hair a silky shine.

Non-soluble silicones

These are silicones that can’t be removed or penetrated with water which damage hair. Silicones ‘stick’ to the hair surface creating a plastic like film preventing strands to absorb water & nutrients. Without regular use of clarifying shampoo, hair becomes dry & brittle leading to damage & breakage. Yet these silicones are more efficient protecting hair against high heat styling than most natural oils

If you use products with non-soluble silicones you can remove these from hair by washing with clarifying shampoos. The problem with non-soluble silicones is they seal the hair shaft completely, allowing no moisture to penetrate the hair shaft until you wash out the silicone. As an alternative to clarifying shampoos, you can use an apple cider vinegar rinse to remove mild product build up.

Some non-soluble silicones that are typically found in hair products include:

  • Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Amodimethicone, Pheryl Trimethicone, Ceteraryl Methicone, Dimethiconol, Stearyl Dimethicone and ingredients ending with ‘cone’. Plus Amodimethicone (non-soluble when Trideceth-12 and Cetrimonium Chloride are absent)

Water Soluble Silicones

A water soluble silicone is the one able to dissolve in water. It’s a silicone that’s easy to wash out of the hair using mild shampoos or conditioner and does not leave a heavy buildup. Look for products containing cyclomethicone this is the most commonly used water soluble silicone in hair care products, it does everything silicone promises to do while leaving minimal buildup on the strands.

I have long curly & the knottiest hair in the world and I can
easily say this is the best Conditioning Leave in Detangle I've ever used.
And believe me, I have tried many! It leaves the hair silky soft, there's no sticky or gritty
residue as I've found with other products and it smells great too. They're safe natural ingredients!
Love it. Couldn't live without it. Thanks K.O Hair Care


With environmental issues being important to us, we use recyclable packaging, our bottles are made from 100% recyclable PET plastics (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Empty bottles can be put into domestic or commercial recycling bins, this plastic is then reused to make other products. Our website orders are packed in paper wrap & compostable or recyclable packing envelopes, for void fill we use a honey cone paper product or cardboard.

Star ingredients in our healthy  products

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